Welcome to Los Santos!

Welcome to the city of Los Santos. Please find general information within the bulletin board section.
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Welcome to Los Santos!

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Thank you for visiting our Los Santos Municipal Government Bulletin Board. Due to recent issues with our I.T. department, we have been forced to completely rebuild everything up from scratch! We appreciate your patience (and as a side note, don't hire anyone who says they'll provide you proof they're able to work in this country once they've collected their first paycheck!)

A large part of the redesign is the feature of a Los Santos Welcome Center. The LSWC will provide valuable information for anyone who may be new to Los Santos and should also serve as one of the best resources for information about our city. Some information that will be provided is as follows:
We'd love to hear other ideas you, the citizens of our great city, have to add to the Los Santos Welcome Center. Please email us at info@lsgov.co ((Forum PM))

We also ask that you continue to check back with us here as we continue to bring the website back online! As we bring do so, we'll communicate them out via Announcements


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