Municipal Government - Open Positions

Are you looking for work? The Municipal government of Los Santos is a great place to work! View our current job vacancies here!
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Municipal Government - Open Positions

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Were you voted "Most Likely To Do Something" in school? Do you enjoy creating rules that apply to everyone but you and your friends? Does receiving campaign funds from your mother's uncle's boss who owns an environmentally unfriendly industrial plant really sound like corruption? Perhaps a rewarding career with the Los Santos Municipal Government is right for you!

We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

Department of Corrections
  • Responsible for transporting, jailing, incarcerating, rehabilitating, release of criminals to/from Bolingbroke Penitentiary.
    • Works alongside LSPD to coordinate transportation of convicted criminals to serve out sentences.
    • Responsible for maintaining safe environment for inmates.
    • Other relevant duties as development continues.
Offices of Licensing and Business Management
  • Handle all incoming license requests
    • Will work with city administrators to develop process for licensing.
    • Current licenses include but not limited to: Business, Firearms, Food Sales, Alcohol Sales, Miscellaneous Licensing, TBD Licensing
City Press Office
  • Responsible for developing and disseminating monthly newsletter showcasing the Municipal Government.
  • Handles any/all official press releases for the Municipal Government.
  • Provides news coverage of government-sponsored events and initiatives.
The below positions are also available on a 6-month contract. A general election will be held to fill these positions once said contract has ended.

Courts of San Andreas
  • City Attorney
  • Court Judge(s)
  • Clerk(s)
City Attorney
  • Advises and represents the municipal government in all legal matters, including civil counsel, criminal prosecution, real estate transactions, and administrative proceedings.
City Council
  • Works together to create, modify, nullify, and maintain the Municipal code to align with both requests from constituents (petitions) as well as the State Penal Code.
    • Introduces new laws to be considered and voted upon.
    • Responds to concerns of citizens within their municipal district.
    • Holds town hall meetings with citizens within their municipal district.
      • Provided vehicle for business purposes.

Visit our website to access our online application. (Registration Required!)